Home made mountainboard.

Some pictures : 

Not constructed by myself : -wheels (tires from go-carts)
                                         -footstraps  (BioHazzard Industries, 
                                                        thanks to mountainboard.be  Sid and Maarten )


first test : 27 layers of carbon and fiber  with epoxy L20   at a SST INOX a4 base, with sealed SKF bearings and twin paired SST springs

               the Deck is    : TOO FLEXI

MOD 00- 10/02 ;

Adding  a layer of Plywood board (Triplex) and another 5 layers fiber.
molded - compressed - between 2 previous made moulds also in fiber and epoxy ( 15 and 25 layers not compressed ). 


Final version,  all metal parts  Stainless Steel ,  to be used on the beach of Zeebrugge !

MOD 01- 11/02; footstraps : M8 SST in place of M6 (broken)
MOD 02- 12/02; Wheelbase: SST springs broken : rewelding and adding rubber dampers.
MOD 03- 01/03; wheelbase: made springs longer en filled complete with rubber
MOD 04- 03/03; Wheelbase: axle of trunk loose : fastend with locknuts and loctite


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