the footstrap storry...

- On dec 24, all stores are out off stock of straps ;
- All distributors  are snowboarding  out of the country ;
- I want to have the new board tested : 

Only one sollution :
manufacture them by yourself.  

The straps :  nylon 840/840, nylon belt (5cm yellow), rubber (used on the roof of your home..),
piece of skin from a trailer, velcro 5cm, dacron, Neoprene 6mm and a slightly tuned-up  sewing-machine (3Phase 1HP freq. controled moter), gives this result in 3 hours time : 


The same storry for the rubbers:  1"1/2 tube, thread M8,  synthetic liquid rubber (Vosschemie A70):


Including the RVS /SST / inox. parts makes this combination:

The complete board ; The straps, mounted verry wide ( snowboard style)


Pictures :

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